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Reef Supplements

Reef supplements are important reef aquarium supplies, even for a nano reef tank. Coral reef tank care includes using major, minor, and trace elements coral reef supplements. Water changes don’t replenish elements taken up by coral, which is why you need reef tank additives.

The major elements are calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium. Good parameters are Calcium 420, Alkalinity 9 dKH, and Magnesium at 1350. Many hobbyists use a two part solution to replenish these. A coral reef also consumes minor and trace elements, which is why marine aquarium trace elements additives can benefit health, coral color, and growth.

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Kent Marine Tech CB Part A 128 oz.
Kent Marine Tech CB Part B 128 oz.
Kent Marine Tech CB Part A 64 oz.
Kent Marine Tech CB Part B 64 oz.
Brightwell Aquatics Coral Growth Kit


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