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Pads and Sponges

In a fish tank, mechanical filter media is anything that traps waste, like a filter pad. Filter pads for fish tanks are measured in microns, which describes the pore size. So, a 50 micron filter pad has smaller pores and will trap more particulate, but will also clog faster than a 100 micron filter pad. Depending on pore size and need, aquarium filter pads should be changed about once a week. A poly filter pad is a special filter pad that traps waste and absorbs toxic metals. It will change color to let you know what is in the water.

An aquarium sponge filter is a special product for hospital, quarantine, and fry tanks. An air pump feeds the sponge, which houses beneficial bacteria.



Poly Filter

From $7.99

Magnavore (PURA)

PURA Filtration Pad

From $7.99

Rio Phos-Pad Filter Pad - 10 inch x 18 inch

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