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Hybrid Lighting

Each aquarium lighting technology has its own benefits. Aquarium LED lighting produces great color with low heat and energy. T5 lighting has even spread. Metal halide produces great coral growth and shimmer, but also a lot of heat. Combining technologies leads to a well rounded aquarium fixture.

LED T5 aquarium hybrids are popular because they have great shimmer, color, and even spread. A great T5 LED fixture is the ATI Powermodule, which includes WiFi control. The LEDs provide color and shimmer, while the T5 bulbs reduce shadows.

Another great hybrid combination is an LED metal halide combo, like the Reef Brite hybrid pendant, which pairs a metal halide bulb for growth with blue LED strip lights for supplemental color.

You can pair technologies yourself with a T5 led retrofit, using a T5 retrofit kit and LED strips inside a fish tank hood.


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