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Metal Halide

LED vs metal halide aquarium lighting

Every technology has tradeoffs. LED is unsurpassed in coloration and energy efficiency. Both LED and metal halide give great shimmer effect. However, a metal halide fixture has better light spread, penetrates light deeper, and supports fast coral growth. Some aquarists combine both, with options like the Reef Brite metal halide LED hybrid.

A typical metal halide aquarium light will include a metal halide pendant, metal halide socket, metal halide ballast, and power cord, sold separately or as a kit. Each metal halide pendant covers a 2-3 foot radius. Bulbs come in 150w, 250w, and 400w, single ended (mogul base) or double ended (HQI), with bulbs ranging from yellow (6000k) to white (10000k) to blue (20000k).

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