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Purity Meters and Monitors

Want to know if your Reverse osmosis system is working well? Measure reverse osmosis system performance with a TDS meter and reverse osmosis pressure gauge.

There are three basic ways to measure the performance of a reverse osmosis system. Membranes are rated in GPD (gallons per day). A 100 GPD membrane will make about 4 gallons of product water an hour in ideal conditions. An inline TDS meter measures the total dissolved solids, or TDS, in water that passes through the system. A TDS tester can tell you the purity of water at every stage. Pure water has 0 TDS. An RO pressure gauge measures the pressure in PSI going through the RO system. As the prefilters clog, pressure drops, letting you know it is time to change your carbon and sediment filters. A chlorine test kit can be used on the product water to ensure chlorine has been removed.


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