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Fragging Supplies

First, frag a coral colony. Coral cutters are great for fragging SPS corals, but a coral scalpel is better for fragging zoas and other soft corals. Professionals might consider a coral frag saw. Next, attach the new coral frags to frag tiles. Coral glue is best for hard corals. Some other stony corals attach well with aquarium epoxy. Some soft corals attach well to frag disks with some wound string.

Then, place the new frag on a frag holder like a coral frag rack in the aquarium (or dedicated frag tank). A magnetic frag rack can be used to mount corals on the side of the tank. Some mounting options, like a frag rock, blend into the aquarium live rock.

Looking for the best frag glue or answers to your coral propagation questions? Contact our expert aquarists for advice.


Seachem Reef Glue - 20g
Boston Aqua Farms Ceramic Reef Disks - 15 Count

Dissekt-Rite (Dr. Instruments)

Dissekt Rite Specimen Forceps

From $6.99

Boston Aqua Farms Stony Coral Cutters

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