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NEWA Maxi Multi-Use Powerhead / Pump - MP1200 (295 GPH)


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The popular MJ pumps are back under the new brand, NEWA. This is the exact same high quality, Made in Italy, multi-purpose pump that we've all known and loved for years. It can be used for many applications from water changes, mixing salt, or even a feed pump for your media reactor!

  • Cobalt MJ1200 = NEWA MP1200 (295 GPH)
  • Cobalt MJ900 = NEWA MP900 (230 GPH)
  • Cobalt MJ600 = NEWA MP600 (160 GPH)
  • Cobalt MJ400 = NEWA MP400 (106 GPH)
The Original NEWA Maxi MP1200 multi-use submersible pump and powerhead is built to perform and last under the harshest conditions. Ideal for wave makers, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, nano aquariums, under gravel filters and hydroponic applications.

  • Fully rotational output
  • Fully sealed intake for internal and external use
  • Universal intake tube
  • Adjustable hanger with cord guide and 6ft power cord
  • Adjustable venturi with silencer
  • Triple suction cup mount
  • Large intake screen for use with sponge
  • 1/2” OD output connection
  • 3/4” OD intake connection
  • Made in Italy

NEWA Maxi Pump Specification Chart

Model MP400  MP600  MP900 MP1200 (this item)
Dimensions 1.97" x 5.32" x 6.19" 1.97" x 5.32" x 6.19" 1.97" x 5.32" x 6.19" 1.97" x 5.32" x 6.19"
Flow  106 GPH 160 GPH 230 GPH 295 GPH
Max. Height 29" 53" 46" 69"
Power Consumption 5W 7.5W 8.5W 20W
Pump Maintenance: Reef aquariums have high levels of calcium that can build up on your pump`s impeller and shafts. For this reason, it is recommended to thoroughly clean your MP pump every 2-3 months. Soak your MP pump and parts in distilled vinegar for 15-20 minutes, then scrub with an old toothbrush. Work the impeller up and down shaft to break up mineral deposits. Rinse wish fresh water and re-install impeller and MP into system.

Manufacturer information

Since 1986 NEWA has supplied its users with excellent quality, ongoing innovation, elegant aesthetic appeal, and absolute reliability. This is broadly demonstrated in their continuous stream of products such as the NEWA Therm Pro, the Wave, NEWA Maxi and NEWA Jet pumps, as well as the comprehensive NEWA POND line. NEWA products can be found on the shelves of major retail outlets in about 40 countries worldwide, from Europe to the USA and the Far East.

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