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Media Reactors

An aquarium media reactor increases filtration performance and handles specialized media that a standard aquarium filter isn’t designed for. A fluidised media reactor pushes water up from beneath the media to increase contact time.

A GFO reactor, or Phosban reactor, gently tumbles GFO (granular ferric oxide) to remove phosphate, which helps algae control and coral health.

A carbon reactor is a fluidized media reactor that tumbles carbon or other media to clarify and clean water.

A biopellet reactor uses special biopellet media to house and feed bacteria, which then consume excess nutrients and waste before being skimmer out or consumed by coral. A biopellet reactor is an organic carbon dosing system to create an ultra low nutrient aquarium system.

A biodenitrator is a Sulphur media reactor that removes nitrates through anaerobic biological filtration.


Two Little Fishies GFO Phosban Reactor 150
AquaMaxx BioMaxx XL BioPellet Reactor
AquaMaxx Omega-2 BioPellet Reactor
AquaMaxx TS-2 Sulfur Denitrator
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AquaMaxx TS-1 Sulfur Denitrator
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AquaMaxx TS-3 Sulfur Denitrator
AquaMaxx Sigma-2 In-Sump Media Reactor
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Two Little Fishies GFO Phosban Reactor 550

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